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Terms & Conditions

  1. Description of Services
    1. Maple Air Inc. agrees to provide HVAC services to the Customer as described in the agreement. This includes but is not limited to installation, repair, and maintenance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in residential properties.

  2. Responsibilities of Maple Air Inc.
    1. Maple Air Inc. will perform the HVAC services in a professional manner, adhering to industry standards and regulations.

    2. Maple Air Inc. will ensure that all technicians and personnel working on the project are properly trained and licensed.

    3. Maple Air Inc. will provide all necessary materials, equipment, and labor required for the completion of the HVAC services, unless otherwise specified in the agreement.

  3. Responsibilities of the Customer
    1. The Customer agrees to provide clear and unrestricted access to the installation area at the agreed-upon dates and times.

    2. The Customer agrees to ensure that the installation area is free from any obstructions, including furniture, personal belongings, or hazardous materials that may impede the installation process.

  4. Consumer Protection
    1. Maple Air Inc. will provide clear and detailed written estimates for the proposed HVAC services, including a breakdown of costs, materials, and labor, to ensure transparency for the Customer.

    2. Maple Air Inc. will explain the warranties and guarantees associated with the HVAC equipment and services to the Customer, allowing them to make informed decisions

  5. Payment and Cancellation
    1. The Customer agrees to pay the full contract price as stated in the agreement for HVAC services, covering materials, equipment, labor, and associated costs for the work described in the agreement.

    2. Customer is responsible for additional materials, equipment, or labor required due to unforeseen obstructions during the work.

    3. Customers are responsible for obtaining and covering the cost of required permits, unless otherwise specified in the agreement.

    4. Payment Due Date: Payment for HVAC services provided by Maple Air Inc. is due within completion of the project unless otherwise specified in writing.

    5. Payment Methods: Maple Air Inc. accepts payments via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Credit Card, Certified Cheque, Cash (only for in-person payments) and Financing where applicable (OAC).

    6. Late Payment: In the event that payment is not received by the due date, a late payment fee of 9.99% of the outstanding balance may be applied for each month the payment is overdue, starting from the due date.

    7. Invoicing: Invoices will be issued to the Client promptly after the completion of HVAC residential services or as otherwise agreed upon between the parties. Invoices will include a detailed breakdown of the services/Products provided and the total amount due.

    8. Disputed Invoices: If the Client disputes any charges on the invoice, the Client must notify Maple Air Inc. in writing within 14 days from the invoice date. Both parties will work together in good faith to resolve the dispute promptly.

    9. Collection Costs: In the event that Maple Air Inc. needs to engage a collection agency or take legal action to recover unpaid invoices, the Client agrees to reimburse Maple Air Inc. for all costs and expenses incurred in the collection process, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees.

    10. Right to Suspend Services: Maple Air Inc. reserves the right to suspend HVAC residential services if the Client fails to make timely payments as per the agreed-upon payment terms. Services will resume once all outstanding payments, including late fees and additional costs, have been settled.

  6. Cancellation and Termination
    1. If, for any reason, the Customer decides to cancel the contract before installation, the Customer agrees to pay a cancellation and administration fee amounting to 20% of the total contract price.

    2. If the contract is canceled by the Customer after the installation has commenced, the Customer agrees to pay a sum equivalent to the cost of removing the equipment that has been installed, plus the difference between the new equipment value and the depreciated value of the said equipment. This sum shall be considered liquidated damages and not a penalty.

    3. The Customer hereby grants Maple Air Inc. access to the property for the purpose of removing any installed equipment in the event of a cancellation. The Customer acknowledges that such access by Maple Air Inc. does not constitute trespass on the property.

    4. Either party may terminate this contract by providing written notice if there is a material breach of the terms outlined herein.

    5. If the termination is requested by the client, the Client shall be responsible for payment of all work completed up to the termination date, as well as any additional costs due to the termination.

    6. However, If the termination was requested by Maple Air Inc. without a valid reason, then all the payments the customer made have to be refunded in full.

  7. Changes to Scope of Work
    1. Any request for a Change of Order must be submitted in writing by the Client to Maple Air Inc. The request should include a detailed description of the proposed changes, along with any relevant drawings or documents.

    2. The Service Provider reserves the right to accept or reject any Change of Order request at its sole discretion. Acceptance of a Change of Order request may be subject to additional fees, time extensions, or other conditions as determined by Maple Air Inc.

    3. If the Change of Order results in additional costs, the Client agrees to pay Maple Air Inc. for such costs as mutually agreed upon in writing. Maple Air Inc. shall provide a detailed breakdown of the additional costs to the Client before proceeding with the change.

8.4 If the Change of Order impacts the project timeline, the parties will negotiate and agree upon a revised timeline in writing. Any agreed-upon time extensions will be incorporated into the project schedule.

  1. Disputes
    1. In the event of a dispute regarding a Change of Order, both parties agree to attempt to resolve the dispute through good-faith negotiations.

    2. If a resolution cannot be reached through negotiations, the parties may pursue alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration, as agreed upon by both parties.

  2. Confidentiality
    1. Both parties agree to keep any confidential information shared during the course of the installation confidential and not disclose it to any third party without prior written consent from the disclosing party.

  3. Governing Law
    1. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

  4. Quality Assurance
    1. Maple Air Inc. will ensure that all HVAC equipment and materials used in the installation are of high quality and meet industry standards.

    2. Maple Air Inc. will provide warranties for the equipment and materials used in the HVAC services, as specified in the agreement.

  5. Limitations and Exclusions
    1. This contract does not cover any repairs or replacements necessitated by factors beyond Maple Air Inc.'s control, including but not limited to acts of nature, power surges, or customer negligence.

    2. Any modifications or alterations to the system by parties other than Maple Air Inc.'s technicians may void the warranty.

    3. Routine maintenance and system cleaning is the responsibility of the homeowner unless the Customer agrees to enroll in Maple Air Inc.'s MAPLE CARE – maintenance and protection plans provided by Maple Air Inc.

  6. Insurance and Liability
    1. Maple Air Inc. carries adequate liability insurance to protect against any damages that may occur during the installation process caused by Maple Air Inc.

    2. Maple Air Inc. is not responsible for any damage to pre-existing structures or systems that are not part of the agreed installation scope.

  7. Authority to Enter Agreement
    1. The Customer represents and warrants that they have the authority to order the HVAC work described in this agreement and to enter into this contract on behalf of the residential property.

By engaging in HVAC services provided by Maple Air Inc., both the Consumer and Maple Air Inc. acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions, ensuring a clear understanding of their respective rights and responsibilities.

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