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Electrical Services
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Maple Air: Expert Electrical Services Across the Greater Toronto Area

Maple Air provides Electrical Services across the Greater Toronto Area. Services ranging from panel upgrades to car charging stations, our team is dedicated to providing reliable, trusted, and high quality home-solutions. As a leader and trusted name in comprehensive services for over two decades, Maple Air reaffirms its commitment to providing all-encompassing, reliable, and timely solutions for every aspect of home comfort and safety. Discover how our electrical services can light up your home and bring you peace of mind.

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Electrical Service Offerings

Panel Upgrade (100amp - 200amp - 400amp)

Increasing capacity from 100 amps to 200 amps or 400 amps, to accommodate higher electrical demand and enhance overall system efficiency and safety.

Fuse to Breaker Panel Upgrade

Involves replacing outdated fuse boxes with modern circuit breaker panels, enhancing electrical safety and system reliability in your electrical setup.

EV Charger

The installation ensures a seamless integration of the charger into your electrical system, optimizing safety and efficiency.

Car Charging Stations

Different types of charging stations we can install, such as Level 2 chargers (common for homes) and DC fast chargers (suitable for commercial and public spaces).

Surge Protection

Safeguards electrical panels and systems from voltage spikes, preserving the reliability of electrical equipment and household appliances.

Backup Generator

Provides the installation and maintenance of standby power solutions to ensure uninterrupted electrical operation during power outages.

Electrical Troubleshooting Services

Identifying and resolving electrical issues, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of electrical systems.

Baseboard Heater Installation

Includes professional setup and wiring of energy-efficient baseboard heaters to provide effective heating solutions for homes or buildings.

Wiring and Rewiring

Provide services for new wiring installations, rewiring old properties, or upgrading outdated electrical systems to meet current safety standards.

Outlet and Switch Installation

Install new electrical outlets, switches, and dimmers, or repair/replace existing ones.

GFCI and AFCI Installation

Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) and Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) for enhanced electrical safety.

Code Compliance

Ensure that commercial properties meet all electrical codes and regulations to maintain safety and compliance.

HVAC Interlock Fire System

Integrates with building safety systems to control HVAC operations during fire events, effectively managing air flow to contain smoke and enhance occupant safety.

Commercial Electrical Services

Delivers expert electrical solutions for commercial spaces, including installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems, lighting, and power distribution to ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability.

Benefits of Choosing Maple Air's Electrical Services

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Transparent Pricing

At Maple Air, you'll find transparent rates without any hidden surprises. We believe in providing clear, upfront costs for all our electrical services, ensuring you know exactly what to expect.

Guarantees and Warranties

We prioritize customer satisfaction and peace of mind, offering robust guarantees and extensive warranties to ensure top-tier service throughout our engagement. Trust in Maple Air for reliable services, every time.

Comprehensive Service & Repairs

From routine check-ups to the most intricate repairs, our highly skilled electricians are equipped to handle a diverse range of devices and brands. Your electrical systems are in the most capable hands with us, guaranteeing expert care and maintenance for every job.

Maple Air's Proven Expertise and Dedication

Our extensive experience, coupled with consistently positive reviews, cements our status as a top player in the electrical service industry. At Maple Air, we are deeply committed to quality, striving to deliver the very best in electrical services. Our dedication to excellence is unmatched.

  • Certified Electricians in the Greater Toronto Area
  • Same Day Service in the Greater Toronto Area
  • Flat Rate Service Pricing
  • Electrical Maintenance & Protection Plans
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Why Choose Maple Air?

Opt for Maple Air for electrical solutions that are not just reliable and efficient, but also perfectly tailored to meet your unique needs. Experience the Maple Air difference today – where quality workmanship, expertise, and customer satisfaction come together to light up your world. Ready to upgrade your home with Maple Air? Contact us today and experience top-quality electrical services!

Licensed and Certified Master Electricians

All of our electricians are held up to a high standard and hold necessary licenses and certifications. In the Greater Toronto Area, Maple Air stands out in the electrical services sector, working in concert with the guidelines and standards set by the Electrical Contractor Registration Agency (ECRA) and the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). Both of these organizations are pivotal in ensuring electrical work regulation and safety standards, and Maple Air’s commitment to these standards is reflected in the qualifications of our electricians.

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Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)
  • The ESA, mandated by the Ontario government, plays a critical role in enhancing public electrical safety.
  • ESA oversees the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, conducts inspections, and issues permits, contributing to a safe and compliant electrical environment.
  • Maple Air’s electricians hold certifications form the ESA, guaranteeing that all world on electrical installations or products aligns with the safety standards of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.
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Electrical Contractor Registration Agency (ECRA)
  • As a subset of the ESA, the ECRA is responsible for licensing electrical contractors and master electricians in Ontario.
  • An ECRA certification is a mark of legal authorization and professional competence. Every electrician at Maple Air proudly holds this certification, ensuring that they meet the comprehensive training, knowledge, and safety standards required.

Maple Air’s dedication to maintaining both ESA and ECRA certifications for all employed electricians is a testament to our commitment to safety, quality, and regulatory compliance in electrical work. This ensures that all Maple Air customers in the Greater Toronto Area, and other regions in Ontario, receive services that are not only reliable but also adhere to the highest standards set by these governing bodies.

ESA/ECRA license #7007846

Main contractor: Farad Electric INC.

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We're your go-to experts for all electrical needs, whether in Toronto or its surrounding areas. Our team provides top-notch electrical solutions tailored for your home, from simple repairs to full-scale installations. Trust in our professional expertise for efficient, safe, and high-quality services. Interested in learning more about how Maple Air can enhance your home? Get in touch now to discuss your needs or to request a detailed quote. Your home's electrical care is our top priority!

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