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Heat Pumps

Sustainability is top of mind at Maple Air Heating and Cooling. Implementing a heat pump into your home is a good way to reduce your environmental foot print. Heat pumps present a variety of benefits, but the greatest benefit to highlight is that a heat pump offers flexibility by providing both heating and cooling options for your home. Heat pumps, compared to other systems that offer heating or cooling, are proven to cost you less on your monthly energy bills, reduce overall energy usage, and lower your carbon footprint.

How A Heat Pump Functions

When using your heat pump for cooling purposes, the system works by eliminating heat from within your home and moving it outdoors. During the in-between seasons, Spring and Autumn, a heat pump works by drawing out hot outdoor air and sending it into the home. During the freezing cold winter months, when temperatures starting dropping low, your furnace will assist with providing heat.

Why Are Heat Pumps An Environmentally Friendly Option?

  • In Ontario, majority of our electrical sources are produced by non-carbon emitting sources, heat pumps run on electricity.
  • No C02 emissions are produced because heat pumps do not use combustion to generate heat.
  • With the reduced need to run a furnace you lessen the C02 emissions produced from your home.

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Carrier Heat Pumps are installed at homes all over GTA by Maple Air Inc.
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